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Phloretin CF Gel from SkinCeuticals is a vitamin c gel serum that uses cutting-edge antioxidant technology for improved protection against environmental skin damage and to target the early signs of ageing brought on by free radical damage after environmental exposure.
Known as "atmospheric ageing," the special combination of chemicals, which also includes 2% phloretin, 10% pure vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), and 0.5% ferulic acid, clearly restores and shields the skin.


  • Provides defence against environmental elements that cause skin damage and ageing by neutralising free radicals.
  • Refines texture and lessens the appearance of discoloration.
  • Normal, oily, and combo skin types can all benefit from the lightweight gel texture.
  • Appropriate for use after shaving.
  • Free of scent, dyes, and parabens.

Phloretin CF Gel

SKU: 0635494328202
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