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Ampoule Serum Concentrate for greater elasticity and fewer wrinkles. With increasing age, the natural production of collagen in the skin continues to decline, causing the skin to lose elasticity and produce more wrinkles.



To support natural collagen production, Collagen Booster Ampoule Concentrates are infused with a precisely balanced peptide complex that improves skin elasticity.Protein enzymes from the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris and white lupin promote activation of various components of the extracellular matrix and strengthen skin firmness.A special tripeptide supports preservation of collagen fibers in the skin for more firmness and elasticity. Thus, 91% of testers confirm that their skin feels firmer after one week.A plant-based amino acid complex supports skin regeneration and the natural anti-aging process.

*35 women (at-home application), 30+ years old, loss of elasticity, lines & wrinkles, any skin type.

Collagen Booster

SKU: 4015165358688
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